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 Raines F. Carter

Raines F. Carter
City Solicitor


To represent the interests of the citizens of Atlanta in all matters brought before the Atlanta Municipal Court by screening, investigating and prosecuting all cases, handling all appeals from the court and by providing legal assistance to the city administration, community groups, schools, colleges and by providing training to law enforcement agencies and private police forces.

The City Solicitor's Office must work diligently to ensure that justice is dispensed for the protection of all City of Atlanta citizens.

Within the City Solicitor’s Office are the following distinct areas:

Appeals Division
The Appeals Division for the City of Atlanta Solicitor’s Office is charged with the duty of defending, on behalf of the City, all appeals from convictions in Atlanta Municipal Court. This includes generating the appropriate motions and briefs which are necessary, as well as, arguing the cases in the Superior Court. An appeal from an adverse decision of the Superior Court can then be made to the Georgia Court of Appeals, and subsequently, to the Georgia Supreme Court.

Case Screening Division
This division is the initial point of involvement for the City of Atlanta criminal justice system. Immediately following an arrest, this division is responsible for reviewing the arrest citation to determine if it can sustain prosecution and that the necessary elements of the stated offense are correctly stated before the case is booked into Municipal Court.

Courtroom Assistant Solicitors
Assistant solicitors are responsible for prosecuting all cases before the Atlanta Municipal Court by direct prosecution of the case and by providing legal counsel to law enforcement agencies, city agencies, and the general public relating to case preparation.

Investigative Unit
This unit is responsible for establishing the authenticity of data indicating a violation of law by reviewing court documents, conferring with law enforcement officers, defendants, or other involved parties to the case.

Special Programs

  • Pre-Trial Intervention-Traffic: Commonly known as PTIT, is an alternative to traditional prosecution and sentencing of a case. The program provides traffic offenders an opportunity to resolve their case without proceeding through the traditional court process and sentencing. The program's purpose is to promote responsibility, assist citizens in avoiding points on their license, and provide a service without additional cost to taxpayers. Participation in the program is limited to once every 12 months.

    Pre-Trial Intervention: Commonly referred to as PTI, it is charged with providing alternative methods of resolving criminal matters other than prosecution. Participants are charged with minor criminal offenses, do not have prior convictions, do not have any cases pending, and have not already gone through a diversion program.
  • Internship Program: This program is designed to assist undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing a career in law with a comprehensive hands-on overview of the legal system, and operations of a legal office.

Technology Division
This division serves all level 1 support for the office’s information technology needs including network administration, systems configuration, application software support and implementation, processes, automation development and enhancements, and telecommunications.

Quasi-Criminal Division
This division is responsible for preparing cases for prosecuting city code violations associated with Housing, Fire, Commercial Maintenance, and Zoning. Such cases would include charges related to issues such as faulty electrical wiring, junked cars, operating a business without a license, or maintaining unsanitary living conditions.

Contact Info
Atlanta Municipal Court
City Court Building
City Solicitor’s Office
3rd Floor
150 Garnett Street, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Tel: 404.658.6618
Fax: 404.658.7956

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City Solicitor
Raines F. Carter

Office Manager
Catherine Holden

Internship Program
Marcel Reed

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